Litho Printing

Wet ink process that creates beautifully bold prined materials.

What is lithographic printing?

Lithography, Lithographic, offset printing, or simply litho printing is where the type or image you want to place is placed on a plate which is then covered in ink and used for printing. Litho can be used to print on paper, card, cardboard and many other materials.



Lithography comes from the Greek words, ‘Lithos’ meaning ‘stone and Graphein’ or ‘to write’ which would have been through carved stones being used as stencils.

Litho printing works by your image or text being etched by a laser to a coated aluminium plate. This is then placed in the press which is made up of lots of rollers that the material goes through.

The lithographic process uses a repulsion of oil and water, the offset technique employs a flat image carrier on which the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers; while the non-printing area attracts a water-based film, keeping the non-printing areas ink-free.


Create your own stationery

Should you want to create your own stationery or business collateral with an engraved, raised finish we would be delighted to hear from you.