Steeped in tradition, print engraving creates a luxurious raised impression for distinctly impressive results.

What is engraving?

Like letterpress, the process of engraving imposes ink onto paper under intense pressure, creating images with a unique look and feel unavailable through flat printing. Unlike letterpress, however, type and graphics are raised on each piece of paper.  To achieve this result, metal plates are etched with a recessed image. Metal plates are then hand-aligned on the press.  Once aligned, the plate is coated with ink and then blotted using kraft paper to clean the plate, leaving only the image with ink remaining.  The paper is then hand-fed and each piece is applied under two tons of pressure, creating an embossed image with startling clarity, color purity and depth.



Each die is etched, often by hand before being precisely aligned on the press. The choice of ink is added along with blotting paper to clean the die after each press. The printer checks the impression before hand feeding each card under the press before leaving it to dry.


Create your own stationery

Should you want to create your own stationery or business colateral with an engraved, raised finish we would be delighted to hear from you.