Box Making

Hand-crafted luxury box-making with fine printing.

What is box making?

Box making is a precise, handcrafted process. Every element is engineered with the highest level of detail to create the perfect finish. A well-crafted box offers a visual and tactile experience, which elevates the anticipation of opening to the enclosed contents.



Pieces of hardboard are grooved on four sides with a v-shape to create a perfect 90° fold. The sides are folded and taped into position. The wrapping materials vary using different textures, colours, and finishings. We often work with uncoated textured paper and velvet fabrics. The wrapping is done by hand using either a modern double-sided plastic adhesive or an old glueing process using wheat or rice starch pastes. The next step is customisation, applied to the wrapping. A choice or combination of foil blocking, digital print or die-stamping ensures each box is unique. All sides are folded and glued, and the final piece is quality-checked before packing and shipping.


Create your own boxes

Should you want to create your own bespoke boxes we would be delighted to hear from you.