Personal Design Services

Our design specialists will ensure that your invitations and stationery match your personal style.
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Design Assistance

We can help with anything, from small things like placing additional photos, to more sophisticated options like adding a beveled edge to your engraved invitation. Whether you have something specific in mind or don’t know where to start, we’re here to help and advise.


Feeling is believing. We’re happy to send you examples of our different printing methods free of charge.

Custom artwork

Our artists can create original illustrations inspired by your photo, venue, or idea.

Matching Stationery

We can create stationery to match any existing invitation or card that doesn’t already have one.

Colour Matching

Our designers can adjust the colors of many of our existing designs to fit the palette of your event.

Existing Artwork

We can incorporate your calligraphy, logo, or illustration into a custom design.


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